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re: Archeage Endgame



If you’re reading this you’ve probably just hit max level in Archeage! Congratulations!

If you’re not level 50 then good on you for pre-reading.

Archeage endgame is vastly different to any other any MMORPG, in a lot of other titles you usually need to acquire X amount of arbitrary stat to for example enter Onyxia’s Lair and kill the Lich King.

Archeage is a sandbox game. In simple terms this means that in Archeages endgame you really can do whatever you want!

  • You wanna build boats and launch naval warfare on the Kraken? You can do that.
  • You wanna get good gear and never leave the crafting station? You can do that.
  • You wanna become the King of Alchemy and dominate the auction house? You can do that.
  • Want to set up a circle of illegal tree farms? You can do that.
  • Want to explore the depths of the ocean and get some phat treasure? You can do that.
  • Want to gank lowbies and take their tradepacks? It may be a scumbag move, but you can do that!
  • Dungeons and raids your thing? Well we’ve got a few of those.
  • Want to own a small farm and live a simple life planting mushrooms? YOU CAN DO THAT.
  • Arenas your thing? Yep. Archeage has Arena.

This guide aims to educate you in all the things you can do, how you can do them and the benefits for doing them.


Gearing up – Where do I begin?!


Starter Gear

For your endgame adventures you are going to need some awesome equipment to get you started. A variety of seemingly oddly placed quests in Hasla and Karkasse Ridgelands award randomized gear which could be awesome or could suck. Pray to the RNG gods that it is awesome as you can only get this gear once. Here is where you can find it:

As a side-note: If you’ve quested in Hasla and/or Karkasse Ridgelands you may already have the majority of this gear.


Primary Weapon:

  • Sword (1-H)
  • Nodachi (2-H)
  • OR Staff (2-H)

Quest: In Line of Duty (Hasla) – To unlock this quest you will have to complete 3 prerequisite quests around the area of the quest giver these are: Restoring Their Senses + The Sick and The Plagued + Chasing Rumors

Secondary Weapon:

  • Bow
  • Shield
  • OR Lute

Quest: Fertilizer Formula (Hasla) – This quest involves killing 5 doe. Hard stuff for a seasoned adventurer, right?



  • Helmet

Quest: The Shaman of Dragonroar (Karkasse Ridgelands) – Side-note: This quest has 1 prerequisite quest which is The Minotaur’s Madness

Upper Armor set:

  • Chest
  • Wrists
  • & Hands 

Quest: Good for the Heart (Hasla) – This quest involves killing Deer. XLgames really don’t like deer do they?

Lower Armor set:

  • Legs
  • Feet
  • & Waist

Quest: The Redscale Cheftian (Karkasse Ridgelands) – Side-note: This quest has 1 prerequisite quest which is Capture a Wyrmkin which can be found on a NPC called Praus, once you’ve completed this you can go to Jeyon to get the Redscale Cheftian quest

So that’s pretty much it for your basic starter level 50 set. So now what? 

Hasla Weapons

Located in south-east Hasla there is an arena where a variety of plant mobs spawn. When these mobs are killed they will award one of six tokens. 150 of a c ertain token can be forged together to make Hasla Weapons which will most likely be a MASSIVE upgrade to any weapon you already have.

  • Token of Courage – Bow
  • Token of Honor – 1-H Sword
  • Token of Conviction – 2-H Staff
  • Token of Sacrifice – Lute
  • Token of Loyalty – 2-H Axe
  • Token of Fortitude – Shield

Whenever the in-game time reaches 18:00 (This is roughly every 4 hours in real world time) a Rift will open up above Hasla and spawn an absolute TON of mobs. There will be standard and elite mobs in this Rift. The elite mobs will drop stacks of 15-20 of a certain token when defeated. The best thing to do when this Rift spawns is to grab a huge group of friends and try to tag and defeat all the elite mobs you can. This will allow you all to obtain fat stacks of tokens and thus quickly farm your weapons.

The Hasla Rift has roughly 5 different phases, each phase ends when all of the elite mobs have been defeated:

  • Lots of Scorpions
  • Even more Scorpions
  • Yaksa (Large stone men)
  • Cursed Giant Stone Golem (Due to the difficulty of this boss, it is rarely killed unless you outnumber the opposing faction by at least 50-100 people)

Be warned however Hasla Weapons are very high in desire. There will likely be players trying to farming their weapons at all times of the day.

The best thing you can do for Hasla Weapons is bring a small group of players and be co-ordinated with who is rolling on what. E.G You have a tank who rolls of the fortitude tokens, a caster dps who rolls on the conviction tokens, a melee dps who rolls on the loyalty tokens and a archer dps who rolls on the courage tokens etc. 

Pro-tip: You can combined all 6 tokens plus a vendor material that costs 6g to get a stack of 5 of any token. This can be a useful trick to speed things up if you have large stacks of gold and find yourself farming a weapon solo.

Kroloal Cradel (KC)

Located in South-east Rookborne Basin this dungeon is the perfect farming place for endgame accessories (Earrings, Necklaces, Rings etc)

It’s a level 45 dungeon that’s significantly easier than Greater Howling Abyss and arguably the perfect place to quickly snag some upgrades.

Guess what doesn’t exist yet? A kroloal cradel guide. I’ll make one soon-ish TM!

Greater Howling Abyss (GHA)

Locate in Northern Hellswamp this dungeon drops a ton of level 50 starter gear. The majority of the dungeon can be cleared in entirely level fresh 50 gear. Most groups struggle when they reach the third boss.

For first timers this dungeon will likely take 1-2 hours, but once you’ve run it a few times you can easily wittle that down to 30 minutes.

If you’re looking for guidance on this dungeon you should check out self-proclaimed ‘IRL Girl‘ Pohx Kappa who has a guide which can be found here: Pohx’s Greater Howling Abyss Guide

Crafted Gear

Unless you’re a healer it’s pretty pointless crafting weapons. This is because the Hasla weapons will likely be a lot better and accessible than any weapon you can craft without spending insane amounts of time, gold and archeum.

For crafted gear it can be better or worse for a fresh level 50 player. This all depends on how good your randomized gear from the Hasla/Karkasse Ridgelands was.

The first thing to do is identify what are you weakest pieces of armor in terms of the quality of that item and beneficial stats provided for that item slot.

Archeage crafting is very different to most other MMORPGs. If you’re not already savvy with Archeage gear crafting there are a few things you need to know:

You can’t just craft max level gear, you need to initially craft the lower levels of gear as the are a component used to craft the next level of gear.

So to craft a level 50 piece of equipment you will need to go through and craft a total of 7 pieces of gear:

  1. level 20 (0 Proficiency required)
  2. level 24 (1,000 Proficiency required)
  3. level 30 (2,500 Proficiency required)
  4. level 34 (5,000 Proficiency required)
  5. —————— This is where gear starts to become potentially better than quest reward gear ——————
  6. level 40 (10,000 Proficiency required) – Conqueror’s
  7. level 44 (20,000 Proficiency required) – Illustrious
  8. level 50 (30,000 Proficiency required) – Magificient
  9. level 50 (40,000 Proficiency required) – Epherium
  10. level 50 (50,000 Proficiency required) – Delphinad

Everytime you upgrade your armor you have a small chance to increase the quality of that item. It’s suggested that you continually craft the level 24 armor until you get a blue quality proc, then continue to upgrade that piece of armor from there to ensure it’s at least an acceptable level by the time it reaches level 50.

If you’re lazy it’s likely level 50 gear will appear on the Auction House in a couple of weeks time, but it’s probably better you personally craft it as the gear on the Auction House will most likely probably be inferior gear with bad quality and stat procs.

If you’re looking for a guide on how to level your Leatherworking, Metalworking and Tailoring professions quickly, follow this link: How to level your armor crafting professions quickly.

PVP (Player Versus Player)


Honor is a currency that you will earn for pretty much every PVP related activity you do. You can spend your honor on a ton of different stuff. Some of the stuff you can buy from honor is not bound, so if you’re short on cash you can buy stuff to sell to other players. However this isn’t really advised for fresh level 50 players who want to progress in the world of PVP as you’ll definitely need that honor to buy upgrades!

What activities reward the most honor for the time invested?

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