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re: Want to make money in Archeage? This is your guide.



Hello and welcome to making Gold in Archeage! This guide aims to educate you in all the basic ways you can make gold in Archeage.

How is gold brought into the economy?

There are 5 simple ways gold is actually brought into the economy. In simple terms there are 5 ways gold is created from nothing!

  • Coinpurses
  • Quest rewards
  • Vendoring items
  • Tradepacks
  • Fishing

All other ways of making gold involve trading gold that has been brought into the economy between players for various items, goods and services.

Activities that require labor

Trade Runs

A Trade run is the activity of transporting a trade package to another location. Each zone has roughly 3 different tradepacks you can craft. The further the location from where you crafted the tradepack -> the more gold/gilda stars/resources you’ll get!

You can get one of three potential rewards for doing traderuns, what you get depends on where you’re going:

  • Gold: Standard ingame currency.
  • Gilda Stars: Used mainly to purchase plans and designs for a large variety of items in Mirage Isle, such as ships, houses, vehicles & more!
  • Resources:  Each zone offers a different resource. Pretty much every zones resource is needed for some element of crafting. These resources aren’t bound so they can be sold on the Auction House.

There are three main rules to remember when doing trade runs:

  1. You can’t sell a tradepack to any vendor in the zone that you crafted that tradepack in
  2. You can only sell a tradepack to a gold merchant on the continent you crafted that tradepack on
  3. You can only sell a tradepack to a resource merchant on the opposite continent to the one you crafted that tradepack on

 Hopefully this small section clarifies traderun exchange rewards for those of you who are still confused:

  • Nuia -> Nuia = Gold
  • Nuia -> Haranya = Gilda Stars and Resources
  • Nuia -> Freedich Isle = Gilda Stars and Resources
  • Haranya – > Haranya = Gold
  • Haranya -> Nuia = Gilda Stars and Resources
  • Haranya -> Freedich Isle = Gilda Stars and Resources

You initially craft a tradepack at a Speciality Workbench. You can track the location of these by opening the map then going to Infrastructure and checking the box next to Speciality workbench.

You can track the location of Gold/Gilda Star/Resource Traders by opening your map going to Merchants and checking the box next to Gold Trader.

The amount of Gold/Gilda Stars/Resource you get also diminishes depending on how many people have run recently deposited the tradepack you have to that Trader.

You can see the value of a tradepack either by talking to the gold trader (he will state a certain %) or by using the trade info section of your UI by opening the Vocation window (the scythe icon in the menu bar) and clicking on Trade Info. 

To make trade runs more efficient time wise you’ll want to acquire a vehicle of some sort for both land and sea to speed the trade runs up.


  • Ideal – Farm Cart: A farm cart will allow you to transport 3 trade packs at a time: two on your farm cart and one on the back of your character. The plans for a farm cart can be purchased for 50g at any general merchant and the materials required to craft the farm cart can cost anywhere between 200g-400g on the AH depending on your server.
  • Easily accessible – Donkey: You can ride a donkey to increase your movement speed while carrying a trade pack. This can be acquired via the Bluesalt brotherhood questline (Quest line that introduces you to farming and traderuns) or via the store for 300 credits. The donkey does not provide a super huge speed increase, but every little helps and this can shave minutes off a land trade run!


  • Ideal – Merchant Ship: A Merchant ship can carry 20 additional trade packs on the ship alone! It’s the ultimate ship for doing large trade runs and a successful trade run with a full merchant ship can quickly reap in hundreds of gold. The merchant ship plans can be obtained from Mirage Isle for 400 gilda stars
  • Easily accessible  – Harpoon Clipper: A Harpoon Clipper is an easily accessible ship. The plans for the harpoon clipper can be obtained in Mirage Isle for 50 Gilda Stars. The main downside to this boat in comparison to the Merchant ship is the fact that it cannot store additional trade packs on the boat.

Protip: You can put tradepacks on protected land (Such as your house or farm) and they will be protected! Meaning that no one else will be able to pick them up, unless you change the permissions on your protected land. (You can also set it so guildys can place tradepacks and pick them up) 


As a final note Tradepacks usually cost 60 labor to initially craft and then an additional 60 labor to turn into the vendor once you reach your destination.

Pirating trade packs

Yo-ho yo-ho is the pirates life for you?

Pirating is essentially the other side of doing trade runs. Instead of making the tradepacks for yourself you can set out on the high seas looking for ships and players with tradepacks on -> kill them -> take their tradepacks -> hand those tradepacks in and reap all their rewards!

To be a successful pirate you need the three following things:

  • A ship of some sort. The harpoon clipper is ideal for this as you can have a second player manning the harpoon. This player can then attempt to fire the harpoon into other ships and grapple them in.
  • To be good at PVP (Or at least better than your opponent!) – If when trying to jack someone’s ship and tradepacks you get your rear end handed to you, then you’re going to be a pretty unsuccessful pirate.
  • To be lucky! – It’s total chance to run into people with trade packages. It may or may not happen. Sometimes you can catch hundreds of people doing trade runs in the small space of a couple of hours. Sometimes you can go a couple of hours without finding anyone to pirate.

Breaking down gear

You never want to vendor any gear that is level 20 and above. Instead you’ll want to use evenstones to break it down. This will provide you will either Sunlight, Moonlight and Starlight Archeum, which is a very valuable resource as it’s used to craft all sorts of gear.

Evenstones can be purchased at any general vendor for 5 silver and you’ll be able to sell the Archeum at dust level and above for much more.


Farming is basically playing the game of supply and demand. There is no “grow this 1 item and be super rich”. This means you’ll want to be constantly looking at the Auction House to see what items are selling the most and trying to quickly grow and supply them to the people that are buying them for high prices.

Here’s a small list of things to grow on your Farm that often sell for decent chunks of money:

  • Turkeys (Trimmed Meat and Pelts)
  • Chick (Eggs and Chicken Meat)
  • Grape Trees (Grapes are commonly used in tradepackages for traderuns and logs used for many tradeskills)
  • Barley
  • Iris
  • Mushrooms
  • Cotton (Used to make fabric for Tailoring)
  • Trees – Yew (4 hour growth time) or Aspen (14h 18m growth time)

Hidden tree farms

In Archeage there is no restriction to plant stuff in the open world! This means you can essentially turn anywhere into your farm!

However there are a couple of downsides to this:

  • It costs increased labor to plant stuff in the open world
  • Anyone can help themselves to your hard planted stuff!

This makes hidden tree farms have a large risk vs reward factor, if you’re lucky you could make hundreds/thousands of gold, however if a large guild stumble across your farm it is likely they will steal everything and leave you both out of pocket and out of labor!

So how do hidden tree farms work? 

  1. Find a location high above the mountains that is hidden and difficult to get to
  2. Plant a load of trees there (The type of tree you plant depends on the climate of the zone and the amount of time you want to plant it for. The longer the trees take to grow -> the higher the chance of someone discovering your hidden farm is.
  3. Wait until the trees are fully grown and pray to the RNG gods that no one else has stumbled across your farm
  4. Harvest your trees


Jester’s Coinpurses

Jester’s coinpurses are the top tier of coin purse in Archeage. They have roughly a 50% chance to drop from any level 40-50 mob you defeat.

Jester’s coinpurses cost 5 labor to open and each Jester’s coinpurse you open has a 100% chance to drop a small amount of silver, so roughly 5-7 silver is guaranteed from every coinpurse you open.

Each coinpurse also has a very small chance to drop additional loot such as:

  • Sunlight Archeum Shards
  • Sunlight Archeum Crystals
  • Moonlight Archeum Shards
  • Moonlight Archeum Crystals
  • Starlight Archeum Shards
  • Starlight Archeum Crystals
  • Additional large stacks of gold (This seems to be anywhere between 20g-100g)
  • Starpoint (Valuable gem used to craft regrade scrolls)
  • Moonpoint (Valuable gem used to craft regrade scrolls)
  • Sunpoint (Valuable gem used to craft regrade scrolls)
  • Random weak lunastones (These can be broken down for Lunarite)
  • Glowing Prisms (Used for crafting Glider’s later on in the game) 
  • A variety of different lunarite drops (Used for crafting lunastones and lunagems)

The chance to get additional loot via coinpurses is slightly increased with upgrading your Larceny proficiency. Your Larceny proficiency can be found by going to skills -> proficiency. Larceny should be in the bottom left hand corner.

You can increase your proficiency in Larceny by opening coin purses and stealing unprotected crops or livestock from same-faction players.


Fishing in Archeage can be profitable when it comes to the higher proficiencies. Once you get to 20,000+ proficiency you can turn a decent profit by sport fishing, this involves sailing around sea and looking for packs of seagulls, throwing chum into that area and fishing for larger fish that can be used as tradepacks and turned in for gold.

You can craft Fishing Rods via the Handicrafting proficiency.

For the western faction there is an introduction quest to fishing in Eznan Harbor in Two Crowns.

For the eastern faction there is an introduction quest to fishing in Lutesong Harbor in Villanelle.

Activities that don’t require any labor

Gilda Star Dailies


While this doesn’t have an immediate payout, over several days/weeks you can get a large stack of Gilda Stars which you can use to buy expensive ship and housing patterns and sell these for a nice chunk of gold.



Via all sorts of PVP activities honor can be gained. Honor can be used to buy many things, one of those things being Lunastones, which are essentially item enchants.

Lunastones are not bound to your character and are therefore tradeable. So therefore just simply PVPing becomes a viable way to make money… providing you’re good!

Here’s a handy list of some of the best lunastones you can sell along with their honor price:


  • Honorbold Tranquil Lunafront – Delayed cast time when hit. 30% Decrease. – 2,000 honor
  • Honorbound Intuitive Lunafrost – Stealth Detection 20.0% Increase – 600 honor


  • Honorbold Warrior’s Lunafrost – Received Dmg 3.0% Decrease – 2,500 honor



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re: Want to make money in Archeage? This is your guide.


Nice guide!!! Thank you. 

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re: Want to make money in Archeage? This is your guide.


Not a problem, being how i have been playing this game since alpha I have spent alot of time learning things so i thought i would share my knowledge so everyone can progress or make money faster that the normal user who has no knowledge of this game.

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